The Nature of Why

Sat 21 September

SICK! Festival - The Nature Of Why

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21 Sep


From: £5.00

  • Audio Described
  • British Sign Language (BSL)


21 Sep


From: £5.00

  • Audio Described
  • British Sign Language (BSL)

British Paraorchestra and friends

Playfully fusing contemporary dance with a cinematic live-score by Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory, The Nature of Why smashes the divide between musicians, dancers and the audience, in a performance bursting with passion and joyous intensity.

Taking inspiration from the unconventional curiosity of theoretical physicist Richard Feynman, The Nature of Why explores his search for meaning in the world around us. The stage itself becomes a site of discovery as constantly shifting action invites audiences to seek out their own unique encounters; resulting in an epic and immersive theatrical experience like no other.

“This isn’t a performance you simply see or hear. It’s one you feel”. (Bristol 24/7)

Commissioned by Unlimited and performed by an ensemble of musicians from The British Paraorchestra, The Nature of Why is choreographed by Caroline Bowditch, conducted by Charles Hazlewood, and directed by Caroline Bowditch and Charles Hazlewood.

Produced by Paraorchestra and Friends.
The Nature of Why is composed by Will Gregory, choreographed by Caroline Bowditch, conducted by Charles Hazlewood, and directed by Caroline Bowditch and Charles Hazlewood.
Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Arts Council England. Produced by The Paraorchestra and Friends. First presented at Mayfest, Bristol, May 2018, in co-production with MAYK.

Venue: Quays Theatre

Duration: 60 minutes | No interval

Additional information

Warning: There is no strobe or flashing lighting but haze is used

Age Recommendation: It is suitable for children over the age of eight. Younger children may be alarmed by the close proximity of the performers. 

  • The Nature of Why is a standing show. We will have a very limited number of seats available for those who require them for access reasons.
  • A Touch Tour is available one hour before each performance. A Touch Tour is for blind and partially-sighted customers to familiarise themselves with the show ahead of the performance.
  • Both shows will be Audio Described by Rationale Method. The Audio Description will be delivered via headsets.
  • BSL is integrated into the performance and shown via a screen in the performance space.

We advise audience members to book these services in advance. To do this please contact our access team on 0333 320 2838 or email.



Please be aware that the Quays Theatre is at the far side of our building. After entering the main doors to the foyer, you should allow time to walk to the Quays Theatre before the show begins, especially if you have mobility difficulties. There are no stairs to negotiate, but there is a long sloping ramp, and wheelchairs are available to borrow if needed.

Familiarise yourself with the building in advance here



‘The joy created by this remarkable company is second only to the joy felt by those lucky enough to see The Nature of Why. This isn’t a performance you simply see or hear. It’s one you feel.’

Bristol 247

“This show throws convention out of the window and begins to reshape the audience experience of classical music, bringing it closer to the individual. This is exciting. This could have lasting impact on an artform that is usually filled with convention and tradition. The Paraorchestra and Friends have found their place in the world and are just getting better and better.”

Trish Wheatley, Disability Arts Online

“it’s those moments where the beauty overwhelms to the point that you feel joyous tears trickling down your cheeks that makes The Nature of Why and an absolute must-see. After all, this work will hold you, tenderly, both in the moment and the days afterward”

Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Out in Perth

“Whoops and applause close the night, but the sharing lingers as simple human interaction in a communal space; a modern ode to joy”

The West Australian

“The Nature of Why is a remarkably coherent experience; it creates a space where people can feel comfortable and connected to others, nourishes our ears, bodies and minds whilst nestling itself in the cracks of our memories as we leave the stage in high spirits”

Writing about Dance