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Company / Artist  Project  Year 
Come As You Arts  The Play That Killed Me  2009 
Monkeywood  Once In A House on Fire  2010 
Green Eyed Zero  Folie A Deux  2010 
Rogue Theatre  The Dancer and The Devil  2010 
Christine Marshall  No Loss Jo Loss  2010 
Theatre Ad Infinitum  Translunar Paradise  2011 
Milan Godoverica  Narcissus and Echo  2011 
Geoff Page  No Sleep For The Haunted  2011 
Chris Hoyle / Shred Productions  Tinned Up  2011 
Oscar Mike  The Situation Room  2012 
David Burch  Mosaic Memory  2012 
Fiddy West  Wrecked  2012 
Idle Motion  That Is All You Need To Know  2013 
Cathy Crabb / Emma Adams  The Enough Project  2013 
Laura Mugridge and Emma Frankland  Tony and Mike  2013 
Casual Violence  House of Nostril  2013 
Square Peg  Icarus  2013 
Fergus Evans  Rove  2013 
Tuheen Huda  Transmissions  2014 
Laura Lindow  Then LEAP  2015 
Fellswoop  Ghost Opera  2015 
Animikii  Origins  2016 
2Magpies  Last Resort  2016 
Sophie Willan  On Record  2016 
Igor and Moreno  Andante  2017 
Chanje Kunda  Superposition  2017 
Sam Brady  Things I Say When I Don’t Say I Love You  2018 
Natalie Reckert  Natalie Inside Out  2018 
Rachael Young  Nightclubbing  2018 
Fat Roland  Seven Inch  2018 
Jenny May Morgan  eVULVAlution  2019 
Jenni Jackson  Thank Heaven for Little Girls  2019 
Dickson Mbi  Enowate  2019 
House of Blakewell  Everything Is Absolutely Fine  2019 
Tian Glasgow  Tomorrow Is Not Promised  2019 
Melissa Johns and Lily Levin  Snatched  2019 
Colla Voce  You And I  2020 
TalkShow  Telethon / Take This Test  2020 
Fran Hyde  Tank and Me  2021 
Jessica Thanki  Funnybones  2021