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Artist Development

Our Mission

The Lowry’s Artist Development Programme is one of the most innovative and respected initiatives for artists and companies in the UK.

It nurtures their talent and provides bespoke pathways to present their bold, dynamic and innovative work to audiences not just at our home in Salford, Greater Manchester but at venues across the UK and internationally.

We value investment in people rather than projects, building long-term, bespoke relationships with makers which don’t start or end with a performance, going beyond production support to focus on long-lasting, strategic support.

The Lowry Artist Development Programme is supported by Arts Council England.

We are always excited to talk to new partners, artists and funders about ways we might be able to work together.

Melissa Johns, Developed With artist

“Being part of Developed With has enriched my life in more ways that I could have ever imagined. From supporting every aspect with the creation and development of my one woman show to gaining skills and knowledge in producing and relationship building with other organisations, the programme has been a breath of fresh air.

Perhaps, more importantly for me though, are elements that show The Lowry goes above and beyond in supporting their artists. The Lowry have been an absolute rock when a global pandemic shook our industry, maintaining a commitment to us and always making us feel like a priority.

And lastly, as a disabled artist, I am supported in more ways than I have ever been. The Lowry are changing the way that disabled artists access the arts and honestly, I have never felt more supported in my career.”

Faith Dodkins, Producer for TalkShow, Developed With company

“The Lowry’s Developed With programme is a unique opportunity for mid-career artists like Talk Show to be part of an in-depth and rigorous process. Having a venue like The Lowry championing artists like us so passionately with a genuine understanding of our needs has been a huge boost, giving the company recognition, space to focus and vital bespoke support.”