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Associate Artists

The Letter Room

The Lowry has a history of developing close working relationships with artists and companies who are making exciting, ground-breaking work which we believe in.

Our Associate Artist programme creates bespoke support packages in response to the needs and ambitions of each participant, and usually includes holistic support, both financial and personal, commissioning work and mentoring from our team.

However, in light of our industry’s recent challenges, and knowing that Associate company-venue relationships are often encumbered by an imbalance of power, we are committing to a new Associate Artist approach in which the emphasis will be on developing a true, balanced partnership between artist and venue.

By democratising the relationship and ensuring that both parties are making contributions, directing the support and being heard in the conversation, artists and venues are empowered and supported by each other, as they should be.

We want to collaborate with and invest in members of the artistic community who are serious about facing and problem-solving our changed industry during and post-COVID, together.

We’ve already developed a relationship with the first of these, The Letter Room, who will help us understand the needs of artists making new musical theatre, and we’ll be looking to build relationships with artists who can help us understand other areas of experience in the months ahead.

Who is it for?

Experienced mid-career artists and companies who are confident in their practice and their artistic voice, and who want to invest time and effort in a relationship with a venue in order to develop themselves and the industry at large.

Meet the Associate Artists

Formed in 2013, The Letter Room is a national touring theatre company from the North East creating original musical theatre with actor-musicians. Previous shows include ‘No Miracles Here’, ‘Five Feet in Front: The Ballad of Little Johnnie Wylo’ and ‘Bonenkai’.

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“We are thrilled to be joining The Lowry as Associate Artists. They have already played a major part in the growth of The Letter Room, as we were part of the ‘Developed With The Lowry’ scheme in 2015. Like so many artists and companies across the country, the last 12 months have been full of uncertainty for us. But by working with the brilliant team at The Lowry, we aim to explore new possibilities, strengthen ourselves as an organisation and be on our way to making our next show… hopefully for a live audience!” – Meghan Doyle, Co-Artistic Director, The Letter Room

The Letter Room - No Miracles Here trailer