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The Forest Dream

Tue 10 October

The Forest Dream

This event has passed

‘The Forest dream’ is a wondrous tale inspired by the true story of ‘The Forest man of India’, woven around his relationship with the mystical ‘Aranyani’, the Goddess of forests.

It aims to highlight the urgency of climatic trauma that is befalling us due to selfish acts like deforestation and rampant industrialisation.

Belonging to one of the largest river islands in the sometimes ferocious Brahmaputra river, Jadav invites you to be a part of his tribe, his world and of what he seeks. Weaving in Carnatic music with western soundscapes, the production is a stylistic blend of Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi (both South Indian classical dance styles) and contemporary dance. As the clock ticks irreversibly, this work, holding up a mirror to the current and the next generation, is an urgent plea to course-correct ourselves.