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The Lowry building

Navigating the building

Approaching the building


The Lowry sits on Pier 8 overlooking the Manchester Ship Canal on two sides.

A service road follows the building contour from the north side to the south side of the building.

A large open Plaza covers the space between The Lowry and The Lowry Outlet opposite.

Ground Surface

Outside The Lowry there are two shallow steps up onto the Plaza. On the opposite side a curve of approximately eight steps of varying height gives access to The Lowry Outlet.

The Plaza is concrete paving, edged with a block paved pattern.

The service road is tarmac.

The pathways following the contour of the building are block paving with ground lights and two shallow steps leading down to the tarmac service road. A small section is levelled to allow wheelchair access from the service road to the pavement.

Retractable steel bollards are situated at the main entrance to the service road creating a security cordon. Vehicle access is gained by using the low-level button to contact security who will lower the bollards.

Navigating the building

Our friendly Information Assistants are on hand in the main foyer to help with navigation of the building, access to the cloakroom facility and free hire of wheelchairs.


There are two sets of double doors either side of a central block. These open outwards. The doors on the right side have pressure release buttons for unassisted access. These can be found on the top of low-level posts, both inside and outside.

Foyer & Reception

Many public areas are located on the ground floor with no steps to negotiate, allowing easy access to the Information Desk, Box Office, Lowry Shop, the Tower Coffee Shop and Pier Eight Bar and Restaurant.

An open-ramped route connects the Theatre foyers and Gallery spaces, forming a public promenade around the building, linking all activities and making The Lowry an accessible space.

The floor surfaces are smooth polished terrazzo, textured rubber, carpet, wood and tiled throughout the building.

The main foyer areas have high ceilings and wide walkways, sloping floors and angled plaster or glass walls.


The Lyric Theatre is situated at the front of the building and covers four levels which are all accessible by lift or staircase.

The Quays Theatre is situated at the rear of the building ascending a long sloping floor past Pier Eight. Doors into the the Quays Theatre are on three tiers (levels) which are all accessible by lift or staircase.

The Aldridge Studio is situated in the studio and is accessible by lift or staircase.


The Andrew and Zoe Law Galleries are located on Level 2 and can be accessed by escalator, lift or staircase. On arrival to the building our friendly Information Assistants will point you in the right direction.

There are large print interpretation guides available on request.

We offer a range of accessible talks and tours of the LS Lowry collection and for temporary and special exhibitions.

Pier Eight Restaurant and Bar

Pier Eight Restaurant can either be accessed by two steps up from Pier Eight bar or from a sloping floor at the main entrance to the restaurant. All furniture, except for booth-seating, is free-standing and moveable.

Pier Eight Bar has a broad open space. All furniture, except for booth-seating, is free-standing and moveable. 

Large-print menus available on request.

The Lowry Gift Shop

Has a broad open entrance spanning the width of the space. Many of the items for sale are on low-level display, however we are happy to provide assistance if required.

Lift access

The Lowry has five lifts to access different parts of the building:

The North life allows access to the Gallery (Level 2) and all three levels of the The Lyric Theatre.

The South lift allows access to the Hexagon Bridge and Hexagon Room on Level 2 and again all three levels of The Lyric Theatre.

The Quays lift can be reached at ground level inside the Quays Theatre entrance at the rear of the building. This lift gives access to the Compass Room as well as all three tiers (levels) of the Quays Theatre.

The Aldridge Studio is access by taking the lift located next to Pier Eight Bar to Level 1. Exit the lift on this level and take the blue lift or staircase to Level 2 where the theatre is clearly sign-posted.

Wheelchair access

Whether you use a wheelchair or need extra support walking, you should have no problem making the most of our facilities.

  • The Lowry has step-free access to the box office, toilets and performance spaces and galleries from the street.
  • Passenger drop-off point immediately in front of The Lowry
  • Automatic doors
  • Lift access to all floors
  • Large public areas and wide access routes
  • Lowered Box Office counter
  • Accessible toilets on all floors
  • Moveable tables and chairs in our restaurant, cafe and bar.
  • Three wheelchairs to hire free of charge, which can be booked through the Box Office.

Booking Tickets

There are wheelchair spaces in all of our theatres. Our friendly Box Office staff will advise you on the best places to sit and will also accommodate requests for aisle and entrance level seats where possible.

Toilets and personal care


  • There are individual cubicles in all toilets throughout the building, with additional urinals inn the male toilets.
  • At the front of the building there are toilets on the ground floor, which are accessed by stairs or two sloping ramps. As well as toilets on Levels 1 and Level 2, which are accessible by stairs or lifts. All of these have accessible toilet facilities.
  • Toilets are available in The Aldridge Studio reception area, which is accessible by stairs or lift. Accessible toilets are available.
  • Toilets are located at the rear of the building on the ground floor and on Level 2 – both can be reached by stairs or lift.
  • Baby changing facilities are located inside the entrance to both male and female toilets.

Changing places Facility

We have installed a changing places facility. This is accessed by a RADAR key and features height­ adjustable, adult sized changing bench, ceiling track hoist system, space for up to two assistants, toilet with grab rails, privacy screen, and a height­ adjustable washbasin. You can either use their own RADAR key if they have one, or collect one from the Welcome Desk in our entrance foyer.

Treatment rooms

First Aid assistance is available on request.

Medical Requirements

We welcome visitors who made need to bring medicines, food and drink to manage a medical condition or medical equipment. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns on