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LOWRY PRIVACY POLICY - Photographs & Videos


Taking photographs & videos allows The Lowry to capture the special moments experienced by our guests & visitors. These images allow us to promote our activities, events & performances and create a lasting legacy of memories for years to come. 

our contact information

In line with your data protection rights, you can contact our Customer Care team to:

  • Ask for further information on how we use photographs & videos
  • Withdraw consent previously given for the use of an image
  • Opt-out of the use of your image
  • Request that images and consent forms are erased
  • Submit a Subject Access Request
  • Report a suspected personal data breach

Email us at:

Write to us at: Customer Care, The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, M50 3AZ

You can also complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you are unhappy about an image we have taken or used. Please see the ‘Information Commissioner’s Office’ section within the ‘General Information’ page of this Privacy Policy.

lawful basis


Any freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous indication of an individual’s wishes by which they, by a statement or by a clear affirmative action, signifies agreement to the processing of personal data relating to themselves or a dependent.

Under 18’s – Public Events / General image capturing

We will seek the consent of parents/guardians/carers before capturing images of under 18’s.

Learning & Engagement Activity Groups

We will seek the consent of parents/guardians/carers before capturing images of attendees.

Vulnerable Adults

We will seek consent when capturing images during events based around the hosting of vulnerable adults.

Missing Consent

Where we rely on consent, we will delete any images we capture where we do not have the necessary consent form available.

Legitimate Interests

Where there is a legitimate business interest in processing an individual’s personal data, in a way the individual would reasonably expect, and without overriding the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual.

Adults – Private & Public Events / General Image Capturing

We may take photographs & videos of guests in line with our legitimate interests.

Under 18’s – Private Events

We may take photographs & videos of guests in line with our legitimate interests.

Promotional Images

We receive promotional images from visiting theatre companies and their PR teams which we will use to help promote their work and The Lowry as a venue.

opting out

Where we rely on legitimate interests, anyone not wishing to have their images captured will have the option of opting out by speaking with a member of staff where we will provide a sticker or wristband to ensure the individual’s privacy is respected by photographers.

Any images taken which inadvertently feature an individual wearing a sticker or wristband will be deleted or have post processing applied so that the opted out individual is not identifiable.


For private events we will send out invitations beforehand making guests aware that we may be capturing images at the event. We will also make it clear guests can opt-out while also providing a link to our privacy policy.


To be open and transparent, we will display signage at our events declaring our intent to take photographs & videos, while also making it clear that individuals can contact a member of staff if they have any concerns, or to opt-out.


Photographs & videos will be stored with restricted access, while any paper consent forms will be converted to digital copies and the original paper copies will be destroyed and/or placed in a confidential waste bin.

image usage

Any photographs & videos we take may be used as outlined below:

  • On printed marketing and promotional materials including inside & outside The Lowry.
  • On online marketing and promotional materials including The Lowry website & social media channels.
  • As part of our annual reports or funding reports.
  • As part of any press reports.
  • By Lowry partner organisations such as Arts Council England & Salford City Council, or a potential co-organiser of an event.

other parties

To Other Parties

We will only share our images with other parties if they have a direct association to the event where the images were captured. For example, if we were to host an event co-organised with another party, we could share the images we capture at the event with that particular partner. Where we rely on consent forms, these will be updated to include the other party in question, unless we are also using a consent form provided by the partner company.


From Other Parties

We will receive and use images from partner companies or project partners but only if there is a lawful basis for us to do so. Where that lawful basis is consent, we will provide wording to our partners so that it is clear to the individual consenting that their images could be used by The Lowry. Such images will be stored with restricted access and treated with the same care as images taken by The Lowry.


We will ensure any professional photographers we use for capturing images of children are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and that our staff only use equipment owned or authorised by The Lowry.

data retention

Photographs – 5 years

Videos – 5 years

Consent Forms – 5 years

Historic Archiving

We will archive select photographs & videos for an undefined period, deemed to be of historical significance to The Lowry, or of other potential future value, i.e. They could be used as part of future marketing or promotional materials. These images would represent specifically outstanding works we feel can contribute to The Lowry’s legacy.

Please contact us using the details in the ‘Our Contact Information’ section of this policy for further information on data retention or if you would like your images and/or consent form erased earlier than the timeframes provided.


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