WTF Wednesday

In association with Word of Warning

Warping Genre | Threatening Convention | Fuelling Curiosity 

WTF Wednesdays are series of evenings presenting work that is challenging, quirky, off-the-wall, on-the-nose and really pushing the boundaries of performance.

We want you to take a risk, to step outside your comfort zone and experience something totally new.

And to make things easier for you, all of our WTF Wednesday events are ‘Pay What You Decide’ (with a suggested donation of £5) – meaning that you don’t pay until after the show, and even then you only pay what you think the performance was worth!

Who ever said asking ‘WT actual F’ was a bad thing?

About Word of Warning

Word of Warning is a hÅb production. Based in Manchester, hÅb is a producer, developer and strategic advocate of contemporary performance, live art and sited work in the North of England.

greenroom’s key partner for over a decade, hÅb aims to maintain its legacy, working in collaboration with a range of venues to produce showing opportunities, platforms and artist development projects like Emergency, Hazard, Haphazard, Turn and Works Ahead.