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Watch It! - wide image no text_ image by Hugo Glendinning

Thu 14 March 2024

Wendy Houstoun: Watch It

This event has passed

‘A brilliant renaissance woman of performance art’
New York Times

‘As compelling as ever ‘
The Guardian


In quite possibly her last ever show Wendy Houstoun teams up with Kate Champion (Australia) and Hannes Langolf (UK, Germany) to create a personal and irreverent solo.

More stand up than dance around WATCH IT! takes an entertaining look at questions of identity, personal truth and political ideology in a ridiculous Game Show for One.

What happens to the individual in the midst of ideological regulation?
Is it possible to ask questions without being cast as a reactionary?
Is self-censorship driving thought underground ?
Secrecy, privacy and the public domain are all on the table in a show that combines projection, spoken word and idiosyncratic movement.

Quotes from audience

“ Well that was brilliant wasn’t it? “
“ Utterly devastated “

Made with financial support as part of DV8 Physical Theatre’s Legacy Commissions.