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Fri 19 May - Sat 20 May

UnTaPped 2023: The Human Hour

This event has passed

Third year Theatre and Performance students from The Arden School of Theatre present their annual Micro-festival; UnTaPped 2023: The Human Hour.

We all have a Human Hour. Maybe it’s 9pm, maybe it’s midnight, maybe it’s 2 A.M in the morning – but we all have one. That hour of creativity, of productivity, of the overwhelming urge to make something of our lives.

Featuring a range of solo and group performances over the course of two days, as well as a selection of performance videos made in collaboration with Salford Film School, this festival has been entirely created by eighteen-emerging theatre-makers from across the United Kingdom as part of their final module at drama school.

The Human Hour showcases the skills the students have acquired over the last three years and gives audiences a chance to see, experience and reflect upon humans doing human things.

To view the performances and their times click on the document linked below. The afternoon ticket will grant you access to performances between 1:30-6pm, and the evening ticket will grant you access to performances between 6:30-10:30pm. When purchasing both an afternoon and evening ticket a discount will be applied.

Full Performances and Times

The God Complex

By Emily Rose Wilson

It’s hard feeling like you’re better than everyone else. But how do you feel like this when you have no idea where you’re heading in life, or how on Earth you’re going to get there?

One woman explores this notion, taking her audience on a journey through a cloudy, modern-day world, assisted by some other God Complex victims, dark comedy, and a good old bit of drama.

Suitable for ages 16 and above. Contains strong language.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True!

By Chloe Kerr

Do you have a dream that you want to bring to life? Join Chloe as she invites you on an interactive adventure, to embark on a journey together to discover the importance of following your dreams. Explore with her to capture the magic that can happen when you truly believe. Drawing on childhood and storytelling, How to Make Your Dreams Come True, gives the audience an immersive experience, exploring themes of playfulness, curiosity, and imagination, in a way that the whole family can enjoy.

Suitable for all ages. When you book your tickets, remember to share your dreams at…

A Kinaesthetic Gesture of Regret

By Shannon Yarwood

An artistic expression towards the feeling of regret. Speaking from the experience of herself and members of the public, Shannon will be performing a durational piece of live art; creating kinaesthetic responses through both movement and fine art. This durational piece is an installation, where members of the public are free to walk around the space and speak their feelings around the notion of regret, if they wish. Suitable for any age but may contain themes of an upsetting nature.

Time to Panic

By Carrick Stimson-Machers

Carrick is convinced he has created what will be remembered for generations as the greatest piece of contemporary theatre ever witnessed. It has everything, even a gorilla. Come bear witness to his genius. “Time to Panic truly grasps the essence of contemporary theatre” (Carrick’s mum)

Contains loud noises and flashing lights.


By Con Raworth, Ryan Broadhead, and Renee Allen-Anderson

The one and only rule about afters, is that you don’t ever talk about afters. When you’re trying to reach your highest high, how far will you go? An exploration on how drugs and alcohol can affect someone’s life. Follow three characters and their own personal journeys, and see how substance abuse can turn something good, bad.

Contains themes of drug use, mentions of mental health issues and strong language.

Bite of the Living Dead

By Elle Rees

Coming off the back of her tour in the Seven Rings and here to tantalise the mortals of The Lowry…

Madame Noir presents: Bite of the Living Dead! A bat s**t crazy cabaret combining drag, multimedia, audience interaction, and more. Leave your inhibitions at the door as we celebrate the weirdo that lives in all of us.

Contains moderate language, depiction of blood and gore, themes and imagery of horror and sexually explicit scenes. Suitable for ages 16 and above.

Such is Life

By Offensive Pinata Theatre Company (Amber Smith and Amelia Mae Ellis)

Not quite teens and not confident enough to be adults. We are the Offensive Piñata Theatre Company and in Such is Life, you can expect to see live music, comedy skits and lots and lots of audience participation and improvisation. Prepare to feel comfortably uncomfortable because such is life.

Suitable for ages 16 and above. Contains themes of a sexual nature, mention of alcoholism, dark comedy and childhood trauma.

Did I Do That Thing?

By Becky Heslop

One piano, one hungover person, one too many bad choices. Join Becky, where she questions her own choices, not only in life, but also from the alcohol fuelled night before. The more her hanganxiety sets in, the more she asks, ‘Did I do that thing?’

Suitable for ages 16 and above. Contains mention of alcohol and drug use, mention of anxiety, strong language, and bad piano playing.

He Could Be The One

By Jamie Roberts

Have you ever dreamed of finding ‘the one’ but keep coming across the wrong people? Well, so has Jamie. In a comedic yet revealing autobiographical piece, Jamie Roberts explores the trials and tribulations of dating as a gay man in a generation not cut out for love. Contains themes of a sexual nature, strong language and most importantly, a lot of love.

All Together Now

By browhigh theatre (Samantha Dixon and Alison Whitehead)

Set in a church ransacked by ravers, All Together Now takes the audience on an anarchic journey of ritual, confession, and the nature of belief.

Suitable for ages 16 and above. Contains strobe lighting, discussion of drugs and themes of religion.


By Silver Draga

A man travels through the dark. As his confidence fails him, he is confronted with images from his past. What will he find at the end of his road? A visually arresting piece reflecting on what makes us human.

Contains themes of self-harm, suicide, and strong language.

There’s Something I’d Like to Discuss

By Karol Proszowski and Nadia Bennett

An intimate portrayal of miscommunication. Two lost souls with one shared desire to communicate. Words don’t come out as expected and everything is a mess. But we’re still trying. To speak. To listen. To understand.

Love Is Not a Four-Letter Word

By Jennifer Luciano

Love Is Not a Four-Letter Word looks at what it means to love, to be in love and the many devastatingly sweet traps hidden in its mystery. Whilst stripping apart the common social ideology of love and the spectrum it is viewed through, this piece requires the audience to look deep into their own versions of love.

Suitable for ages 14 and above. Contains themes of domestic violence.