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Tuning In

Fri 26 May - Sat 27 May

//Tuning In//

This event has passed

Miles-Wildin and Ng,
Theatre by the Lake and Graeae present

//Tuning In//

Written and performed by Adam Fenton
Directed by Nickie Miles-Wildin

(A first date, a ‘ticcing’ time bomb, and a bloody end.)

Static crackles, glitches, underscoring the image of our twitching hero Reagan completely covered in blood, sitting in as-quiet-as-they-can-manage contemplation of what has just transpired.

A first date gone awry, but how? A restaurant disaster with a steak knife? //maybe// a bar and a broken glass? //could be// a confrontation in a nightclub toilet // this is sounding a bit like Cluedo now, you ever play that?// There are many pieces missing from this story. The only thread Reagan can hold onto is Cameron Flanagan, the lighthouse in a fog of neurosis. Cameron was Reagan’s date last night. If he can find out what happened to Cameron, all will be revealed.

We are dragged down the rabbit hole as these broken memories reattach by their still bleeding sinews with Reagan guiding us every step of the way while his brain keeps changing channels.

Tuning In was originally developed by Theatre by the Lake as part of the digital SPARK programme in 2021. This witty tour de force explores the destructive nature of disability prejudice, the damage caused by trying to fit in, and the risk involved in being who you are.

Developed with support from National Theatre’s Generate programme.
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.