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Tue 21 November

Tony Monroe is Dead

This event has passed

“Tony Monroe is Dead” – A Brand New Comedy by MaD Theatre Company

Kylie is marrying her childhood sweetheart Jason and she wants her special day to be spectacular just like her best mate Megan’s.

She had a Polyamorous Wedding where she married her boyfriend Bogdan, her girlfriend Fraya and Fraya’s Dog Walker, Dave.

All the guests dressed up as Characters from the Little Mermaid and the Ceremony was conducted by Marge Mahal, The Indian Drag Queen. However Kylie’s wedding is at the local social club where her Uncle Dick (Stage name Tony Monroe) is the Turn. He’s a bit passed it but would be very upset if he couldn’t perform for his Niece’s special day. Luckily for Kylie her sister Angela used to run a swanky bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and has her finger on the pulse of what is currently hot amongst the Tik Tok generation. She will re brand her Uncle’s tired old act and make Kylie and Jason’s wedding the Social Media Event of the year.

From the producers of “Vaping, Manscaping & Paddling Pools” and “Our Kelly’s Hen Do”, “Tony Monroe Is Dead” is MaD’s latest irreverent comedy.

Miss it and your life will be that bit emptier than it should be.