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Tilly Lee Kronick - Handful of Nothing

Thu 2 May

Tilly Lee Kronick - Handful of Nothing

A palatable tale of an eating disorder and recovery.

She’s at a threshold. Again.

Weighing up her options. Hungry for autonomy. Craving for others to decide.

Heavy with choice. Light with emptiness.

Aching to fly away.

Handful of nothing is a unique fusion of ingenious story telling, innovative aerial choreography, puppetry, dance, text and song. Taking you on a poetic journey full of surprises, this tale playfully (believe it or not!) explores confronting our inner demons, battles with addiction and questions of worth and weight. Accompanied by a beautiful original score, Tilly will give you an insight into the puzzling place of limbo in which she often finds herself.


“It’s a piece that fizzes with fun and fresh ideas”

Resolution Review- Siobhan Murphy

“Lee-Kronick tackles the well-trodden theme of female objectification in her work Ripe. However, hers is a refreshingly new take”

Resolution Review- Daisy Moorcraft

“I was certainly left hoping to see more of this weirdly wonderful performer”

Resolution Review- Daisy Moorcraft

“Tilly Lee-Kronick had such an easy charm that Ripe easily stood out from the pack”

Gerard Davis- Dance Europe Magazine