Tilly Lee Kronick - Handful of Nothing

Thu 2 May

Tilly Lee Kronick - Handful of Nothing

She’s at a threshold. Again.

Weighing up her options. Hungry for autonomy. Craving for others to decide.

Heavy with choice. Light with emptiness.

Aching to fly away.

Handful of Nothing, is a semi-autobiographical exploration of how we react when confronted with challenge and uncertainty, with questions of our worth and weight. Using unusual aerial on bespoke equipment, spoken text, contemporary dance and an original score, Tilly will give you an insight into the place of limbo in which she often finds herself.


Growing up in London, Tilly spent her childhood singing, dancing and performing, but her love for circus began at an international aerial dance festival, where she first discovered she could dance in the air. She then completed her degree at Circomedia, specialising in static trapeze and physical theatre. While at Circomedia Tilly strived to integrate her previous experience with her new found love of trapeze to create unique and exciting aerial work. Since graduating she has worked nationally and internationally with companies such as Extraordinary Bodies, Stumble Dance Circus, Cirque Bijou, Full Tilt Aerial Dance, Stacked Wonky Dance Theatre ,Rosemary Lee. She also played the principle role in Metta Theatre’s Little Mermaid- The circus musical sensation. She was a resident circus artist at The Roundhouse 2018-2019 and Associate artist at Deda 2019-2020.

Her previous solo show “Ripe”, directed by Mish Weaver, has toured nationally, as part of Circus Around and About with Crying Out Loud, and was selected as one of the top three pieces of Resolution festival 2018.


“It’s a piece that fizzes with fun and fresh ideas”

Resolution Review- Siobhan Murphy

“Lee-Kronick tackles the well-trodden theme of female objectification in her work Ripe. However, hers is a refreshingly new take”

Resolution Review- Daisy Moorcraft

“I was certainly left hoping to see more of this weirdly wonderful performer”

Resolution Review- Daisy Moorcraft

“Tilly Lee-Kronick had such an easy charm that Ripe easily stood out from the pack”

Gerard Davis- Dance Europe Magazine