Mon 20 March

The Overhead Project - What is Left?

Starting from the frontal classroom arrangement, “What is left” deals with spatial structures that shape human communication culture. It is familiar to us from theaters, the waiting situation at counters, the hierarchy in a courtroom, in school or in church, as well as from advertising screens in subway stations. All these spaces demand and structure the gaze attention of bodies in space. The performance is dedicated to these subtle and not always perceptible architectural structures, that create a field of tension between space and body, communication and power.

Somewhere between catwalk and military parade, passive voyeurism and solidary depen-dence, the situation on stage varies from appropriation to individual experience, from spatial distribution to division and allocation. In “What is left” five performers occupy the space and are simultaneously taken over by it.

The bodies get their appearance close and discreetly and at the same time are presented in an ominous
way. In the distorted juxtaposition of authentic presence and the presentation mode of the everyday social fashion walks of this world, the individual makes its way in the struggle for attention and dependence in togetherness. In the midst of distorted gestures, giddy confidence and pulsating bodies, an energy arises that spirals upwards into the heights of space.

Artistic direction: Tim Behren | Creation: Simon Bauer
Cast: Mijin Kim, Leon Börgens, Maria Madeira, Maiol Pruna Soler, Francesco Germini
Lighting, Visual dramaturgy: Charlotte Ducousso | Costume design: Margot Charbonnier
Philosophical & dramaturgical accompaniment: Eric Eggert, Mirjam Hildbrand