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TCOE_3x4 The cost of everything Illustration

Thu 21 September - Fri 22 September

The Cost of Everything

This event has passed

The Cost of Everything is an interactive performance/game show for simultaneous live and online players which interrogates the cost of living crisis by building a brand new model [Salford], live on stage.

You can choose to join us in person, or play from home via livestream.

Those who join the livestream will be our remote workers – playing from home, you will decide how our city grows, and how we tackle upcoming crises. Do we need more houses? New food supply chains? Should we shift to nuclear power, or renewables?

Those with us in person will be our key workers – working directly within the model, helping us to build new houses, grow new food, develop new power stations – either playing from your seat or joining us on stage.

However you decide to play, you will have the power to completely change where we go, what we build, and where our priorities lie. Can we find a way out of the cost of living crisis?

What would it take to change everything? What would it cost to stay the same?