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Out of CTRL

Fri 28 June - Sat 29 June

Out of CTRL

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A Work in Progress Showcase of New Creative Technology Performance. Presented by The Lowry & Submerge. Supported by Arts Council England

Join us for 2 days of new, experimental work from four artists who are developing innovative performances using creative technology.

Out of CTRL will showcase four new work in progress creative technology experiences from artists Andee Collard, Heather Alice White, Scarlett-Rose Lovette and Shawn J Stephen.

These four new works invite you to explore the world of machine art, the Changeling myth, the experience of living with Functional Neurological Disorder and seizures, and the diverse experiences of giving and receiving care.

These four artists all took part in our artist development programme CTRL (Creative Technology Research Labs) which supported artists based in Greater Manchester to learn and develop skills in creative technology performance, immersive experience making, and digital creation tools.

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Performance Schedule

Friday 28 June

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

by Andee Collard

Friday 28 June, at 4pm-9pm, Studio 2 & 3

Durational installation, drop-in, free

Andee Collard will be converting studios 2 and 3 into working artists studios but with a twist! Paintings will be made live by custom machines. The movement and the sound of the machines is mesmerising. The musical sounds of the machines working will be amplified to fill the space. Each machine will be working on a specific painting task. There will also be a “Plotter Portrait” machine allowing the public to have themselves drawn in minutes to take away.



by Heather Alice White & Weird Alice Entertainment

Friday 28 June at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm (approx. 40mins)

Immerse yourself in Sanspective, a brand new multi-disciplinary trans-media storytelling experience exploring the changeling mythology.

Look to the skies – and to the entwined concepts of neurodivergent identities and alien replacement conspiracies, as emerging theatre company Weird Alice Entertainment take you on a journey through notions of folklore and sci-fi in their debut show – but be aware, you never know how close a changeling could be.


Saturday 29 June

Double Bill 🎟️

Constellations of Care

by Shawn J Stephen

Saturday 29 June at 2pm – 4.30pm

Durational installation, free.

Book £5 tickets for the live Constellations of Care performances from 4.30pm – 5.30pm and PSEUDO double bill below. Limited capacity

Constellations of Care will be an immersive audio-visual installation that highlights the sounds of Care as identified by young carers from across Greater Manchester and Salford. Informed by a collective exploration of Care using methods such as sound walks, sound map making, poetry and so on, this piece will feature a collection of sounds that young people attributed to a recurring theme throughout our sessions: self care.

As part of this installation, we will also feature a live performance to reflect on the role that the human voice plays in caring for ourselves and others. Come, listen in and take a moment to consider the sounds of care in your lives.


Double Bill 🎟️ Book Tickets to watch two performances for £5 

🎟️ Double Bill


by Scarlett-Rose Lovette

Saturday 29 June at 5.30pm

Pseudo [ˈsjuːdəʊ] adjective 1. not genuine; spurious or sham:

Step into the world of Pseudo…a multidisciplinary gig-theatre production from poet, theatre-maker, and music maker Scarlett-Rose Lovette, exploring where agency lies in a person living with NEAD {none-epileptic-attack-disorder’} and FND {functional-neurological-disorder}, and the marginalisation and imposter syndrome associated with hidden disability today.

In a surge of poetic storytelling, accompanied by an original cyberpunk soundtrack, and AI multi-sensory light and video projections, this witty autobiographical piece, {inspired by Scarlett-Rose’s real seizure diaries}, challenges pseudo truths about dissociative seizures, FND, and self-image.



Double Bill 🎟️ Book Tickets to watch two performances for £5