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Blueberry Burdock@Jouni Ihalainen_8

Thu 3 October

Nuua Company - Blueberry Burdock


A surreal journey into the complexities of the lived experience.

It’s a character’s journey overwhelmed by an overabundance of options as contradictions and inner conflicts manifest in vivid displays. He gets tangled up in conflicting signposts and constructs a room of moving walls and half-objects. A puzzle that embodies the intricate tapestry of human experience and a representation of a fragmented reality. Expressed through a combination of visual theatre, object manipulation, and comical absurdity, Blueberry Burdock dances playfully in a place of limbo.

The performance inspires a newfound appreciation for life’s intricacies. Encouraging the audience to embrace the complexity of their lived experiences and celebrate the beautiful enigma of existence.


Direction: Thomas Monckton 

Performer: Olli Vuorinen 

Light Design: Teo Lanerva 

Live-Music & Sound Design: Konsta Leinonen

Costume Design: Iida Ukkola

Scenography: Olli Vuorinen

Scenography build: Kalle Oja, Olli Vuorinen

Production: Nuua Company

Co-Production: Kallo Collective



Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Helsinki, Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Kone Foundation, Haihatus, Tero Saarinen Company, Stoa



Nuua Company is a Finnish contemporary circus and visual theater group founded in 2013. With Its Experimental works, Nuua has redeemed its place in the international performing arts scene.

On its ten-year journey, Nuua Company has been selected for a Circus next program. Nuua’s award-winning performances have received notable mentions from critics and books about the contemporary circus, and the performances have been touring in 20 countries.

Nuua renews juggling as object theater, concepts connecting body and object movements, and explores circus techniques as tools of expression. Depending on the viewer’s personal experiences, our multilayered performances open up to everyone differently. We are awakening the emotions, imagination, and sensitivity into an empowered state where experientiality precedes narratives, and the spectator becomes more receptive to new dreamlike experiences.