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Lost In Blue

Thu 30 March - Fri 31 March

Lost in Blue

This event has passed

Funny, moving, uplifting and at times downright bizarre, Lost In Blue is an award winning tour de force of contemporary storytelling fuelled by playful sound technology.

On her 18th birthday Annie, an aspiring painter, becomes convinced that she’s responsible for the accident that has put her dad Paul in a coma for the last 15 years. Her mother Sarah is struggling to keep things together, her aunt Candy eats optimism for breakfast and her new friend Leonard talks mainly to pigeons.

Meanwhile Paul is hiding out in the bedroom of Vincent Van Gogh nursing his terrible secret while the clock ticks and his family begin to question how long the machines should keep him holding on.

Hilarious and raw by turns, Lost In Blue is “a beautiful and intricate story” (★★★★ Three Weeks) with a live looped score, written and performed by award-winning theatre maker Debs Newbold. “Daniel Kitson meets Julie Walters” (Ruth E. Cockburn).