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Igor & Moreno

Wed 22 May

Igor x Moreno - Karrasekare

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Karrasekare is the latest work by Igor x Moreno and is inspired by the pagan carnival traditions from Sardinia and the Basque Country. The work draws from pre-christian rituals: it looks back at a time when the beginning of Spring was not called carnival*, yet; a time in which the Spring Solstice called for a celebration of the flesh.

Karrasekare revisits the past to enter the future. It uses traditional rhythms – the same ones that have accompanied our dances for centuries – to create free, fluid and queer identities. It unroots these pagan rituals from their original context – the streets, the squares – to re-imagine them inside a black box.

Filled with the danger of dancing, singing and drinking together, Karrasekare channels the energy of a folk festival and rubs against our sense of prudishness.

Supported by The Italian Cultural Institute, London.

The Italian Cultural Institute, London.