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Wed 4 October

I'm Muslamic, Don't Panik!

This event has passed

Spoken word meets dance, live music meets clowning. An intimate spectacle of identity, where being British, Iranian, and a Hip-Hop head collide.

From Bristol to the Tehran marathon and back again, Bobak invites us to join him on a journey to accept his own heritage, against a media culture which holds fast to the idea that the Middle East is a frightening and dangerous place. A joyful evening of dance theatre, it’s through meeting a series of weird and wonderful characters from across the world that Bobak is finally able to truly know himself.


Performance, Text, Concept – Bobak Champion

Dramaturges & Critical Friends – Lizi Patch, James Fogerty

Creative Director – Matt Mulligan

Creative Producer – Hadi Hedayati,

Spin Arts Consultant Producer – Sarah Shead,

Spin Arts Clown Consultant – Holly Stoppit

Lighting Design – Alan Dawson

Artwork & Design – Afi Walker

Design Photography – Edward Khan Audio

Description Consultant – Benjamin Wilson


“…so full of heart, it’s brimming over… “

The Scotsman

“…so warmhearted that it is impossible not to enjoy”

The Guardian

“It’s hard to describe this show, you just need to go and experience it!”

Fairy Powered Productions

“a game changing work with energy to match”

Shamima Noor