High Performance High Performance

Mon 3 July

High Performance Live

Join one of Britain’s best-respected sports broadcasters, Jake Humphrey, and Psychologist Professor Damian Hughes, as they turn the lived experiences of the planet’s high performers into your life lessons. Jake and Damian are the hosts of High Performance, a podcast which has grown into a movement with people invested in improving their mindset and finding their own version of High Performance. They reveal the secrets used by the world’s most remarkable athletes, coaches and entrepreneurs to excel, and teach you how to do the same.

This dynamic and impactful theatre show will introduce you to some very special guests as Jake and Damian invite members of the High Performance community to share their journey, demonstrating that high happiness is within us all.

This is not a live podcast record, rather the unique opportunity to connect with members of the High Performance community, learn from experts, and interact with Jake and Damian.

High performance is already within you. This show will help you find it.

“It doesn’t matter where our guest has excelled – in sport, music, business, arts or entertainment – we can all learn from their experiences to help in our everyday lives.”

Additional information

VIP experience includes best seat for the show, entry to an exclusive Q&A session with Jake and Damian before the auditorium opens, and a signed copy of High Performance: The Daily Journal. VIP event starts at 6pm until approximately 6.45pm