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Thu 4 April - Fri 5 April


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World Premiere

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Cassie: A sister

Rubin: A brother

Following the sudden death of their mother, estranged siblings Cassie and Rubin are reunited in their family home. As they begin packing up furniture and keepsakes, they start unpacking their life – relationships and truth. Transcending past, present and a not-so-distant future, FADE is a tale of sibling allyship, and how far we are willing to go to protect each other.

Against a backdrop of shifting timelines, this moving new production from writer and theatre maker Alice Christina Corrigan (Past Life) features dynamic new writing, integrated creative access and original music to tell a nuanced story of family life and what happens when the past and present finally meet to reveal the true nature of coming home.

Commissioned as part of ‘Developed With The Lowry’ with additional support from Arts Council England, Leeds Playhouse & Theatre Deli Sheffield

Supported by CRIPtic, Extant, Royal Court, Katie Scott, Box of Tricks
Production credits:
Writer & Creative Access Director: Alice Christina Corrigan
Director: Hannah Tyrell-Pinder
Movement Director: Christopher Brown
Lighting Designer: Megan Lucas
Sound Designer: Sophia Harari
Set Designer Lucy Sneddon
Creative Captioner: Emily Bold
Dramaturgy: Rio Matchett
Production Producer: Megan Griffith
Access Consultant: Ada Eravama
Strategic Development Producer: Max Emmerson
Enviromental Consultant: Hetty Hodgson (Pigfoot Theatre)


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