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Eddy Hurst

Sun 4 June

Edy Hurst's Comedy Version Of...War Of The Worlds

This event has passed

Edy Hurst’s Comedy Version of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of H.G. Wells’ Literary Version (Via Orson Welles’ Radio Version and Steven Spielberg’s Film Version) of the War of the Worlds.

The show that finally puts to rest 125 years of remakes, reboots, adaptations and sequels of the sprawling science fiction behemoth that is War of the Worlds the only way Edy Hurst (as seen on NextUp Comedy, BBC Radio 4, 4extra and BBC Radio Manchester) knows how, with lofi props, musical comedy and a silly-o-meter set to ‘quite.’ You’re welcome!

Help defend earth from the greatest threat of all, people remaking the War of the Worlds, and also Martian invaders, in this interactive, daft and unique take on the famous story.

If you’re not on board from the title, I don’t know how this blurb is going to convince you.

“Bursts with Comedic Joy” The Skinny

“Absolutely Non-stop bonkers” British Comedy Guide

“Delightfully Silly Songs” The Wee Review

British Comedy Guide Recommended Show 2022
Buxton Fringe Best Comedy Show Nominee 2022
Best Alternative Act North West Comedy Awards Nominee 2022

As seen on Next Up Comedy, BBC Radio 4 & BBC Radio 4 Extra