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Sat 31 August

Disco Neurotico

Disco Neurotico is an innovative new club night for people who struggle in traditional club spaces.

Held at The Lowry, with a focus on inclusivity, individuality, and sensory-friendly experiences, Disco Neurotico aims to redefine nightlife for the neurodivergent community and those looking for a safer, less frenetic clubbing experience.

Wondering where we got our name?

Disco Neurotico is founded and run by neurodivergent artists. The name Disco Neurotico is essentially us mocking the language that has been used to define us. It’s a celebration of our sensitivities. It’s us sticking two fingers up at the language and systems that suppressed, oppressed and subjugated us. It was decided by a group of autistic people and run through multiple neurodivergent focus groups.


Event Running Order: 

8pm – Arrive Early To Check Out The Space Pre-Event, Aclimitze, Meet Other Attendees And Get Any Questions Answered.

Gaming space, calm space and Silent Disco are open to use and explore. Tim Clare will be hosting our tabletop gaming space. Feel free to bring your favourite game

8:15pm – Silent Disco Space: Collect your headphones at the door of the silent Disco Space as our playmaker leads an inclusive and non-compulsory physical warm-up. This is great for all my dyspraxics, shoe gazers and anyone who needs easing into movement. If that’s not your bag just hang out elsewhere for ten minutes, draw on the UV wall or have a go on one of our gaming stations.

8:30pm – Silent Disco Space – Disco Neurotico DJ’s start.

8:30pm – Noisy Space DJ’s start.

12:00pm – close


Getting Here 

Additional information

Event Date: 31/08/2024

Running Time: 8pm – Midnight

Recommended for Ages: This is a club event for 18+

For further information and Content Warnings – Click Here


Here’s what’s on the agenda for this ground-breaking event

-Pre-event venue tour

Arrive early to explore the space, acclimate yourself, and connect with fellow attendees.

-Silent disco space: Dyspraxia? Two left feet? Do you fear the dancefloor?

Kick off the night with a physical warm-up led by our resident playmaker and MC, followed by two channels of rave and groove music, with a third channel of calming ambient noise for when you want to flop on one of our giant beanbags and chill.

-Noisy space

Similar to a standard club/rave space with a PA, but with no strobing lights and a raked seating/dance area.

-Gaming areas

Whether you want to hang out on your own, chill with your mates or meet new people, we have a staffed gaming area with board games, card games and digital options.

-Calm space:

Quiet chill-out space with beanbags, projections and a soothing ambient soundtrack.

-Well-being officer and stewards: Have a question? Feeling anxious?

Our specialist well-being officer will look after you.

-Recovery room

A space for those who are feeling overwhelmed and need a moment to regroup.

-Other amenities include

A UV doodle wall, a licensed bar, and traffic light bracelets allowing you to communicate your social comfort level to others.

With a clear safety and inclusion policy, Disco Neurotico goes above and beyond to ensure a fun and relaxed experience for all who attend. But it’s not just about the attendees – it’s about uplifting neurodivergent talent too. As a largely neurodivergent team, we understand the challenges faced by artists who share our struggles, which is why we strive to provide a platform for neurodivergent artists.