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Tue 9 January - Wed 10 January

Pagrav Dance - Aunusthan

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09 Jan


From: £12.50


10 Jan


From: £12.50

Aunusthan- Celebration of Neo-Classical Indian Dance and Music

Step into a world of abstracted relationships, Interweaved complex patterns, rigorous choreography, virtuosic performance and riotous rhythms with Aunusthan.

Conceived with the intention of portraying the multi-faceted nature of kathak (North Indian, Classical dance style), Aunusthan takes the audience on a vibrant journey through infectious rhythm and dance.

Featuring a cast of talented British Asian dance artists who have trained with Pagrav Dance Company, Aunusthan also showcases the bright future of kathak in the UK. These talented performers bring their passion and creativity to every moment of the show, creating an unforgettable experience for all.




“If you ever hear that Aunusthan is coming to your city I would say make time, and bring as many people to watch this production as you can; you will not regret it. When watching this piece I was telling myself thank god I made it today.”

Audience member at The Place, 4 November 2023

“@pagravdanceco have absolutely blown me away. Absolutely stunning dance and live music, couldn’t have wished for a better example of Indian classical work to mark our celebrations.”

Alex Croft, Creative Director at Kala Sangam