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AlleyneDance_FarFrom Home_Camilla Greenwell 7

Tue 26 March - Wed 27 March

Alleyne Dance - Far From Home

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AlleyneDancepresents, FarFrom Home, a new dance productionthatexplores the topic of immigration and the consequences the search for a better lifehas for those forced to seek it due to social or political devastations. 

Far From Home  

Bringing Alleyne Dances dynamic, powerhouse style to the stage, Far From Home (FFH) will be a hard hitting, atmospheric, abstract narrative dance production. 

Performed by 6 professional dance artists and a supporting cast made up of non-professional movers recruited from the local community,the performance ensemble will highlight theemotional and mental stresses of migrant families, as well as the impact on communities where migrants settle, as we unpick the meaning of tolerance and practice of integration. 

 Far From Home brings to the stage the humanity of told and untold stories by voices not always heard. 


audience reviews

“thoughtful, inspiring.”

“moving, speechless”

“thought-provoking, amazing.”

“intense, thought provoking.”

“feel there was so much to process in this performance. So many themes – loss, grief, joy, struggle, trust. It will stay with me for some time to come.”