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We need your support to help furnish our future.

Hundreds of thousands of people have sat on our seats since we opened in 2000. Sharing and celebrating special moments, and being captivated by The Lowry’s incredible theatre programme.

After 20 years of constant use, the seats are in desperate need of some TLC. Seat pads are failing, mechanisms breaking and fabric becoming worn. It costs £500 to replace a theatre seat and we need 2,432 of them! The Lowry is registered charity and receives just 5.5% income from public funding.

Become part of the furniture by buying a new seat in one of our iconic theatres. A donation of £500 will replace a theatre seat and invest our theatres for the next generation. In return your shiny new seat will have a personalised seat plaque.

Mark a special occasion, remember a loved one or simply support the future of The Lowry.

For more information, please email Lee Pringle.

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Terms & Conditions

Please note that ‘Taking A Seat’ does not constitute ownership and does not include any booking rights or advance privileges for your chosen seat. Seats will be replaced in the theatres in sections, depending and therefore plaques will not be displayed on seats until the new seat is in place. Seat plaques will stay in position for a minimum of two years from this point. If you would like more than 20 seats please get in contact us via email.