Becoming a member brings you closer to the action with exclusive experiences, such as two-for-one offers and priority booking. Or if you live in Salford, you can join Our Lowry, the discounted ticket service offering local residents free and discounted tickets throughout the year.

Under 26? Then join our U26 scheme offering £5, £10 and even free tickets to young people throughout the year.


What are the benefits?

Benefits include up to one week’s priority booking on all productions, 2-4-1 tickets on members nights of selected shows, an exclusive members booking line, free ticket exchange, regular programme news and 10% off across The Lowry including Pier Eight Restaurant and Bar, the Tower Coffee Shop and The Lowry Shop.

I’ve bought a membership – when will I get my card?

We send out new membership packs once a month. If you have joined before the 15th of the month you will get your membership pack by the end of that month – if you join after 15th of the month you’ll receive your pack by the end of the following month at the very latest.

Do I need my card to get the membership benefits?

No. You can take advantage of all of the benefits of your membership if you just show your membership confirmation e-mail. You can also use your temporary membership card if you’re issued with one of these when you buy your membership.

What shows can I get 2-4-1 tickets for?

We try to make sure that 2-4-1 tickets are available for as many productions as possible, and we’re usually able to offer tickets for all major productions, but we’ll always make sure we let members know as soon as possible whether we have 2-4-1 tickets available.

Why can’t I get 2-4-1 tickets for this show?

There will be one of two reasons. Either we’re unfortunately unable to offer 2-4-1 tickets for this particular show, or, more likely, all of the 2-4-1 tickets have already been snapped up by other members.

How long a period of priority booking will I get for shows?

You’ll always usually get at least 24 hours priority booking, but you’ll always have a week’s priority booking for the new season every time we send out our new brochure.

What are these Members Nights all about?

Members nights are 2-4-1 nights – it’s our way of saying thank you to our members. When we do them they’ll often be the first performance of the production, and you’ll be able to get 2-4-1 tickets for that performance.

What’s the max number of tickets I can book on one membership card per show?

As a member, you will be able to purchase two tickets per show during the pre-sale period or using your 2-4-1 offer – as long as there are still 2-4-1 tickets available!