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Becoming a member brings you closer to the action with exclusive offers and benefits, such as two-for-one offers and up to 24 hour priority booking. Or if you live in Salford, you can join Our Lowry, the discounted ticket service offering local residents free and discounted tickets throughout the year.

Under 30? Then check out our U30 scheme offering £5, £10 and even free tickets to young people throughout the year.


What are the benefits?

Membership benefits include up to 24-hour priority booking on most productions, 2-4-1 tickets on opening night of selected shows (a maximum of two tickets, 1 paid and 1 free), an exclusive member booking line, free ticket exchange, weekly on sale newsletters and 10% off across The Lowry including Pier Eight Restaurant and Bar, the Tower Coffee Shop and The Lowry Gift Shop.

I’ve bought a membership – what will I receive?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately. We will also send out a membership ticket. You can show this ticket on your mobile device, or the physical ticket once received, in the venue to claim your membership benefits.

The membership ticket is proof of your membership and does not give you access to any shows and will be posted to you shortly after your membership purchase.

Do I need my membership ticket to get the membership benefits?

No. You can take advantage of all of the benefits of your membership if you just show your membership confirmation email on your mobile device. You can also use your membership ticket once received.

What shows can I get 2-4-1 tickets for?

We try to make sure that 2-4-1 tickets are available for as many productions as possible. We’re usually able to offer tickets for all major productions, but we’ll always make sure we let members know as soon as possible (usually in the weekly on sale newsletter) when 2-4-1 tickets are available.

Why are  2-4-1 tickets not available for some shows?

There will be one of two reasons. Either we’re unfortunately unable to offer 2-4-1 tickets for this particular show, or, more likely, all of the 2-4-1 tickets have already been snapped up by other members.

How long a period of priority booking will I get for shows?

You’ll usually get up to 24-hours priority booking.

Is the 10% discount for the Gift Shop, Coffee Shop, Bars and Restaurants valid for my whole party if a member is paying?

Yes, your member discount will be applied to the transaction so long as you show your membership confirmation email on your mobile device, or your membership ticket.

What’s the maximum number of tickets I can book on one membership, per show?

As a member, you will be able to buy one ticket and get one free per show if there are still 2-4-1 tickets available!