Jo Lathwood, Image credit Paul Blakemore

Jo Lathwood: Making Up Exhibition

Jo Lathwood: Making Up 

We are all in a cycle.

is at The Lowry from 20th January–3rd March 2024.

Alongside the permanent LS Lowry Collection, The Lowry presents a regularly changing programme of contemporary exhibitions commissioned by or curated in-house by The Lowry. This exhibition was made possible thanks to Arts Council England and Salford City Council.

Making Up will offer visitors a view behind the scenes into the functional spaces that are usually hidden out of sight. In the first few weeks, gallery visitors will be able to watch Lathwood working daily in person or via live-streamed CCTV footage from The Lowry’s basement workshops (11am–5pm Tuesday–Sunday). Over the following weeks, they will see the installation morph and grow in real-time as it is constructed inside the gallery space.

Lathwood makes sculptures and large-scale installations that regularly respond to a particular site, event, material, or process. Her project at The Lowry will open with a circular rotating platform made from recycled timber. Over the opening days of the exhibition, Lathwood will build a raised boardwalk to the structure; eventually inviting the audience to make a simple journey and become part of a circular system.

In a world of growth and consumption, where the mantra ‘onwards and upwards’ is often at odds with environmentally friendly living, this interactive installation will encourage visitors to move through and around the gallery space, but then, pause, be still, and reflect

The artist’s building materials—all reused or recycled—will be repurposed and distributed during the final days of the exhibition, leaving no trace and minimal waste.

Image credit Paul Blakemore.