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Karrasekare by Igor x Moreno - From the creators of BEAT, Idiot-Syncrasy and A Room For All Our Tomorrows comes Karrasekare, a contemporary ritual inspired by pagan Carnival traditions  

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The Lowry is proud to bring the internationally acclaimed artists, performers and contemporary dance company Igor x Moreno back to Salford to present Karrasekare, a contemporary take on pagan carnival traditions on Wednesday 22nd May.

Karrasekare, the Sardinian word for Carnival, draws inspiration from Basque and Sardinian carnival traditions, exploring the catharsis of communal rituals and cultures, in dialogue with the present. After premiering in Rome in 2023, Karrasekare is now on an extensive international tour, with just 3 dates in the UK including Cambridge Junction, Cambridge (1 & 2 May); The Place, London 10 & 11 May; and The Lowry, Salford (22 May).

The Lowry has a longstanding relationship with artists Igor Urzelai Hernando and Moreno Solinas with them being among the first artists to benefit from The Lowry’s flagship artist development programme ‘Developed With’ in 2017. They have also presented the exhibition EDIT. 05 Limited Celestial Space (2019) in the Lowry Galleries. As well as Idiot-Syncrasy (2013); Andante (2014), and A Room for All Our Tomorrows (2016) in the Studio Theatre.

Eckhard Thiemann – Programming Associate: Dance says: “Igor & Moreno are major talents on the European dance scene and we are proud to have such a long-standing history on developing their work. Their work is deeply engaging, laced with humour, wonder and a sense of mischief, taking us to surreal places we didn’t know existed. The moods, emotions and images will resonate for a long time. This is their most ambitious and visually enticing production to-date with 7 performers, elaborate costumes and a visceral soundscore.”

Looking back to pre-Christian rituals, when the arrival of spring was celebrated with a joyful indulgence in the pleasures of the flesh, this dynamic and innovative performance initiates a journey back to the roots of traditional rhythms that have been accompanying our dances for centuries. Karrasekare takes those rhythms and uses them to create something truly unique and fluid, unearthing the queer in the pagan rituals that take place in the streets and squares, and reimagining them inside a black box theatre.

Filled with the danger of dancing, singing and drinking together, Karrasekare channels the energy of a folk festival and rubs against our sense of prudishness, evoking Dionysian rituals of excess. With a contemporary take on the traditional Carnival attire, such as animal fur, handcrafted masks and horned hats (set, costume and props: KASPERSOPHIE), an electronic contemporary soundtrack (original music and sound design: Edoardo Robert Elliot) and atmospheric lighting (Joshie Harriette), this earthy, carnal and enigmatic piece offers a queer imagery and evocative elements full of symbolism.

 ‘irresistible and captivating, beautiful to watch and worthy of every reflection’

Il Manifesto

 ‘Complex, layered, powerful work, open to many interpretations and with excellent performers.’ – Limina Teatri


The Lowry presents Karrasekare by Igor x Moreno on Wednesday 22nd May. For more information and tickets visit

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