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David Baddiel coming to The Lowry for a week-long run of shows based on his bestselling book Jews Don’t Count

Comedian and writer David Baddiel is coming to The Lowry next month for a week-long run of shows based on his bestselling book Jews Don’t Count.

The Times Politics Book of The Year 2021, Jews Don’t Count has been described by Stephen Fry as “a masterpiece.” and is a tightly-written polemic that sets out Baddiel’s view that in the current political climate – with its intense focus on racism and discrimination against all minorities, one minority – the one that has suffered discrimination the longest – has been forgotten.

This is a unique opportunity for audiences to join David for a night of forthright conversation about, and readings from, the book. He will answer all your questions about the subject of modern anti-semitism: and also, if you insist, ones about football.

Jews Don’t Count is currently being adapted into a documentary that is to be aired on Channel 4 later this year.

David said: “Most performers who have a residency somewhere tend to choose Las Vegas. I’ve gone for the much more glamorous Salford. Most performers also have a script. I’m doing without that too, as it will be a totally improvised Q and A. It will be serious, funny, challenging and probably a bit chaotic. Basically Baddiel Talks About Jews Unplanned.”

David Baddiel brings Jews Don’t Count to The Lowry, Salford from Monday 12 to Saturday 17 September. 

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