Company Wayne McGregor - Autobiography

Tue 30 April

Company Wayne McGregor - Autobiography

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What does it mean to write your own life-story? For twenty-five years, Wayne McGregor has been making choreography that interrogates life through the experience of the body, moving intelligently in space and time. His practice has been far-reaching and sought out collaborators from a diverse range of artistic and scientific fields to investigate the nature of embodied cognition.

Now McGregor turns his attention to the body as an archive, with a dance portrait illuminated by the sequencing of his own genome. He has taken 23 influences, artefacts or memories that have played an important part in his life and turned them into choreography; 23 choreographic passages to reflect the 23 pairs of chromosomes that contain the human genome. The combination and order of these passages is randomly selected by a bespoke algorithm so no two performances are ever the same, life, writing itself anew. This means every performance is a premiere.

Wayne McGregor’s artistic collaborators include composer and producer Jlin (music), visual artist Ben Cullen Williams (set design and projection), lighting designer Lucy Carter (lighting design), artist and designer Aitor Throup (costume design), writer and director Uzma Hameed (dramaturgy), and software architect Nick Rothwell (Autobiography algorithm).

Hailed by Rolling Stone as ‘America’s most acclaimed new electronic composer’, Jlin created the music for Autobiography in collaboration with Wayne McGregor, the first time she has scored for dance. Reviews for the album say that ‘Autobiography’ ‘confirms Jlin’s status as a visionary artist’ (All Music), out now from Planet Mu. Jlin joins Company Wayne McGregor to perform her score live at the performance of ‘Autobiography’ at The Lowry.

The Lowry is grateful to Manchester Airports Group for their continued support of our dance programme.
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