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Fri 8 October - Mon 11 October

Take This Test

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Take This Test (to find out if you’re a good person)
Beta Edition.

So, you give to charity, you lent your friend quite a lot of money and you always smile at passers-by, but are you a good person, deep down?

Our moderator Clare is almost certain that you are, and she’s ready to guide you through this online experience, which will (fingers-crossed) give you a certificate to prove it! She’s sure you’ll find it a fun and rewarding experience, whether you’re on your own, or with a few close friends or colleagues.

Featuring candid testimony and confessions from people across the country, you’ll need your moral compass engaged to separate what’s OK and what’s…well…not.

Take This Test is a new interactive digital piece from TalkShow which starts by prodding at the absurdity of personality tests, from Buzzfeed-style clickbait to psychometrics, before taking us somewhere else entirely, all to explore our sense of morality, and if anything can really be described as good, or bad.

To take part you will need a laptop or desktop connected to the internet.