Under 3 Moons

Tue 24 September - Sat 28 September

Under Three Moons

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Box of Tricks presents
Under Three Moons
A new play by Daniel Kanaber

‘I bet when they get older they’re going to look back on tonight and say, that was a night that was, by that fire, that was a night.’

Mike and Paul are mates. They drink, they smoke, they crack jokes. They kill time.

Spanning half a lifetime, ‘Under Three Moons’ takes place on three nights across three decades of two friends’ lives. From a school trip to France as teenagers, to a surf shack in their twenties, to Christmas in their thirties, Mike and Paul meet up and talk into the night. From boyhood to manhood to fatherhood, these are the nights they share.

A new play about friendship and growing up, ‘Under Three Moons’ explores how men relate to each other today. Who we are and how we live. And the spaces between.

The production’s two-hander will feature Darren Kuppan (‘Around The World In 80 Days’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Road’, ‘Europe’ (all as part of the Leeds Playhouse Ensemble), ‘Guards At The Taj’ (Bush Theatre), ‘Cymbeline’ & ‘The Tempest’ (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre), ‘East Is East’ (Trafalgar Studios & UK Tour) and ‘An August Bank Holiday Lark’ (Northern Broadsides) as Paul and Kyle Rowe (‘Eastenders’, ‘Coronation Street’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’) as Michael.

Social Club Event


Under Three Moons Social Club

Box of Tricks invites you to join us at their Under Three Moons Social Club, an informal post-show chat about the play and issues raised. Alongside leading voices from local mental health charities, the ‘Under Three Moons’ cast and company will spark a relaxed conversation about everyday mental health in the modern age, the changing face of masculinity and the nature of male friendship.

For anyone interested in continuing the conversation, information about your local mental health services will be available on the night and online.

Our Under Three Moons Social Club is free and all ticket holders are welcome. Running time approximately 30 minutes. There’s no need to pre-book; just stick around after the show and we’ll show you where to go.

About the company

Who are Box of Tricks?

Manchester based Box of Tricks makes plays. They champion playwrights and empower them to tell the stories they want to tell. Together, they go on a journey to uncover new plays that reflect the world in which we live today. The company create heartfelt theatre that resonates, inspires and entertains. ‘Under Three Moons’ will be the company’s sixth national touring production.

What the writer says:

”Under Three Moons’ is about a male friendship, two men growing together, a relationship that’s close but often unarticulated. And how that lack of lack of direct expression can become the defining trait in a life.

But it’s also about society’s shifting view of male identity, how we’ve gone from talk of “lad-culture” to the “metro-sexual” and now “toxic-masculinity”. Male mental health has become much more understood if not discussed enough. The way men relate to their friends and to themselves, is complicated and emotionally obtuse. At least I know I can be.’ Daniel Kanaber, writer

What the Director says:

‘Every so often, a play comes along that resonates absolutely. For me, Under Three Moons is one of those plays. Unassuming yet truthful, it’s a beautiful, nuanced piece of writing that perfectly captures the shifting sands of male friendship. At turns funny and tender, the play explores how two men relate – or rather fail to relate – on three nights across three decades. Quietly, it asks big questions: how to live a life, how to be a good man, how to reach out to others. The big stuff we all face. Addressing everyday mental health indirectly, it asks what impact men’s emotional inarticulacy has on their lives and their relationships. In a sense, ‘Under Three Moons’ is a platonic love story where neither of the characters can say how they really feel. I can’t wait to share this funny and moving story with audiences.’ Adam Quayle, Director

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