The Futurist Cookbook

Wed 23 January

The Futurist Cookbook

This event has passed

A double bill of culinary cultural cuisine!

In ‘The Futurist Cookbook (And other Culinary Utopias)’ you are invited to a feast from the future. Set aside all that you ever thought you knew about your favourite foods and join us as we lay the table for tomorrow’s nutrition: now!  Hosted by creatives from the University of Salford, as part of the ‘TAPP Festival’.

Inspired by Marinetti and Fillia’s 1932 cookbook La Cucina Futurista, this new performance is an invitation to question what we eat, how we eat it and why we eat it. Put away your spiralizer and make room for your ozonizer as this show will revolutionise your kitchen. There will be no pasta.

In the second performance, artist Leo Burtin invites you to sit down and break bread with him, as you talk through questions of migration, identity and belonging. Let new friendships be borne over food, storytelling and conversation.