Thu 4 May

Past Life

This event has passed

Past Life. A multi-sensory exploration that follows Kiera as she revisits her Past Life, a life she felt ready to feel again, a life she thought she missed. But can you re open a wound without hurting yourself again?

We follow her (and the Betty the brain) as they navigate their way through a storm of boxing rings, sleepless nights, gym glasses paint throwing and coming to terms with loss. A genre bending show that intertwines a dynamic sound score, audio descriptive language, creative captioning’s and projected animation to aid an energetic, fast paced and harrowing telling of what trauma looks like in the 21st century. This story is for everybody, made to feel like just another body.

For you.

For me.

For us all.

Creative Team

Writer/Performer: Alice Christina Corrigan

Director: Madelaine Moore

Assistant Director: Lata Nobes

Movement Director: Mark Conway

Producer: Ella Dale

Production Manager: Laurel Marks

Set Designer: Carly Atlberg

Lighting Designer: Megan Lucas

Marketing: Cup of Ambition


‘PAST LIFE by Alice Christina-Corrigan blew my sweet little mind, beautiful writing, unreal performance, and electric, stunning creative captioning’

Calm Down Dear Festival 2022 Audience

‘Written and performed by the unstoppable Alice Christina-Corrigan. Gorgeous, dexterous writing. Funny, heart-breaking and healing. Sharp, considered direction’

Calm Down Dear Festival 2022 Audience

‘Alice Christina-Corrigan presents an empowered monologue about the regaining of strength post an abusive relationship. Fused with bold audio described projections, we share in the protagonist’s new found freedom and an embracing of who they are now.’

Theatre Full Stop

‘An excellent atmosphere in the theatre among the staff and audience’

Bloomsbury Festival 2022 Audience