New Art Club Cupid's Revenge

Fri 12 November

New Art Club – Cupid's Revenge

This event has passed

In today’s disposable world where love is used to sell us everything from plug-in cars to yoghurt… where did real love go?

The latest dance theatre comedy show by groundbreaking performance company, New Art Club, is a joyful, physical and verbal outburst against the forces that masquerade as love.

Mythical love that drives the creation of the universe and everything in it.
Romantic love.
Love between friends.
Love between you and the people you love.
It is funny, sad and reflective.
It is not a story but it holds lots of stories inside it. In that way it is like you.
It has a flickering heart that has crashed to earth.

With New Art Club’s dexterous physicality this impossibly big topic is broken open and brought vividly to life.

Cupid’s Revenge is an attempt to bring audiences together in a defiant act of unity and love.