Aakash Odedra

Mon 26 November

Aakash Odedra Company presents #JeSuis

This event has passed

A touching dance-theatre piece from Aakash Odedra company about individuals trying to find a voice to stand against oppression. Winner of the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award 2017, this performance honours those whose stories and plights have not yet been ‘hashtagged’. 

“Notions of oppression are not specific to any time, country or religion. Sometimes the oppressor is a political figure, sometimes a culture or sometimes a friend; and sometimes, of course, it is inside us: our fear, cowardice, expectation and doubt.

#JeSuis began as a conversation with these extraordinary dancers about what it is like to be living in Turkey right now, but quickly began to occupy a much more universal landscape.


The piece explores oppression in all its guises, layers, and contexts. It acknowledges that some acts of oppression are more loudly heard and deeply felt than others. While #JeSuisCharlie brought solidarity, comfort and solace to a world grieving the horrific attacks in Paris 2015, other equally appalling attacks took place in Kabul and Istanbul; but failed to capture the attention of (social) media in quite the same way.

#JeSuis is dedicated to all the people whose stories and plights have not yet been “hashtagged”, left untold. We make this show in honour and support of them. It comes from the belief that the strength of the collective, and our ability to speak out and together will see us through to brighter times.”

In English ‘Je Suis’ translates to ‘I Am’, but the show carries an alternative translation: ‘I Exist, I Matter’.