Dancing through resilience- Cast 2021

Wed 10 November

I.M.Pact Presents: Resilience

Resilience is a powerful dance story across times. Set parallel in the 20ies and 80ies and sparked by a blackout, it brings to life the electric power of jazz and hip hop styles. Two protagonists tell how their dancing overcame personal and political struggles of their times. Their joy of dancing challenges norms with subversive self-expression.

Venue: The Studio

Cast & Creative

Producers: Juraj Farnik, Melissa Gumbs
Choreography: Ereson Catipon
Spoken word narator: Stefan Gumbs
Writers: Stefan Gumbs, Mina Suder
Creative Consultant: Martina Gumbs
Artists/dancers: Melissa Gumbs, Martina Gumbs, Rhona Butler, Katrina Moore, Jasmine Mulai, Juraj Farnik, Anton Phung, Ereson Catipon, Terris Sanni, Jordan Clarke
Photograher: Sarah Quarafi
Animator: Jan Megela

Choreography by Bboy Mouse: Known for his smooth and funky style, Ereson (Mouse) Catipon began bboying when he moved to England from The Philippines in 1996. Since his first exposure to the bboy culture, Mouse has dedicated the last 25 years to perfecting his art. With numerous solo bboy titles under his belt, Mouse has gained international respect as the forerunner of the UK bboy scene. Mouse was the 2005 world bboy champion, having won the tough solo battle at the UK Bboy Championships world finals, held at Brixton Academy, London.

Narrator – Stefan Gumbs is the narrator for Resilience. Stefan has been acting for over 15 years, Stefan’s credits include BBC’s Waterloo Road, Doctors, Scallywagga amongst other TV productions and Feature Films such as Ken Loach’s critically acclaimed ‘Looking For Eric’ acting alongside one of Manchester United’s most famous players, Eric Cantona. Stefan is not only an actor on the small and big screen but he also writes his own scripts and during lockdown he wrote, directed and filmed a short film with acting legends David Harewood and Don Warrington called ‘Entrustment’ which is set for release later this year, Stefan also wrote the script for Resilience along with writer Mina Suder.

Mina Suder is a writer, producer and school finance professional. She has written features, reviews and interviews on music and film, for Bonafide, Now Then Manchester and Groovement. Venturing back into creative writing recently, having written poetry in her adolescence, Mina co-wrote and co-produced The Four Pillars for Groovanometry, a dance theatre piece about a young boy’s journey of discovering, and being embraced by hip hop. Mina co-writes Resilience with Stefan Gumbs.

About the dance groups

I.M.Pact is a community of Manchester based dancers joined by their passion for supporting, creating and experimenting in the underground world of freestyle dance. Projects to date include a nine-minute short film, LET’S GO, which was created during lockdown and sees empty arts and culture venues across Manchester being occupied by I.M.Pact dancers, reintroducing life and movement to these spaces; and Vukka, a collaboration with Manchester Museum where through the dancers’ performances and their interaction with the space looks at how global stories are told and lessons that we must learn.

Dancing Through Resilience also features dancers from Groovanometry and MM Jazz.

Groovanometry was founded by Juraj Farnik (Faro) and Anton Phung (LB) in 2014. Its aim is to showcase the best dancers in the styles of breaking, hip hop and popping. Through the two-day event, focused around cyphers and exhibition battles, dancers from across the world have a space to exchange, network and cultivate their own creative practice. In its 7th year, Groovanometry has grown in its reach and impact on the hip hop dance scene in the UK and beyond. Groovanometry is expanding the dance event into a festival next year, and extending its programme to include the other elements of hip hop.

MM Jazz Company was established in 2019 by Martina & Melissa Gumbs with open Jazz classes starting in 2015 based in Manchester UK both graduates of The Northern Ballet School, PGCE qualified dance teachers and graduates of Shockout Arts.

They have both completed numerous dance contracts with companies such as Norwegian Cruise Line & Carnival as well as being audition instructors for Norwegian Cruise Line, stage performances in Thriller Live Tour (Europe & China) After Midnight Broadway Musical (NCL Cruise Line) RocketMan Movie plus more.

MM Jazz Company training classes are catered to those who want to continue training at an Industry level standard at age 18+, welcoming anyone who has graduated, in between jobs or for those who once danced and want to get back into it.

MM Jazz aims to share their positive energy within Company training. It’s so important dancers enjoy their training and give their best, train to be the best version of themselves ALWAYS but be patient & trust the process. Versatility is key in the Entertainment industry.