Hannah Buckley and Crystal Zillwood

Wed 19 June

Hannah Buckley & Crystal Zillwood

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A dance double bill about woman’s ability to be many things.

Hannah Buckley: The Mountain and Other Tales of She Transformed
Inspired by mountains, fairy tales and a 1970s body work book for women, this dance solo piece is a meditation on ‘feminism as the female command of space’ – the many things this could mean and the many ways it could manifest.

Hannah Buckley is a dancer and choreographer based in the North of England. As a performer Hannah has worked nationally and internationally as part of festivals such as Manchester International Festival, the Venice Biennale and Transform Festival.

Each performance of ‘The Mountain and Other Tales of She Transformed’ will include a series of workshops aimed at women and non binary people. The workshops will be curated around the themes of the performance and will include physical, practical and artistic sessions. The workshops will be spaces of reflection, restoration and empowerment. More information coming soon.

Crystal Zillwood: Evolutio. & These Hands
‘Evolutio.’ is a 15 minutes solo which zooms out and looks at a distant our history and considers where we humans are right now and were we are potentially heading to.

‘These Hands’ is 15 minute solo inspired by observations of those working on the land and working with machines on a Dairy Farm in mid-Devon. The voices you will hear June Palfrey, who is 78 and has farmed on Morebath dairy farm for 55 years and also Dennis Palfrey was raised and born on Morebath for 70 years. ‘These Hands’ is a celebration of the everyday, set to the recording of these farmers, considering their history in my body , as well as the craft work that goes into my own practice.


Wed 19 June | 4pm – 6pm | The Aldridge Studio

Each performance of The Mountain and Other Tales of She Transformed will include a workshop aimed at female identifying and non binary people. This workshop is hosted by multi-disciplinary artist Nicola Singh, and is open to all ages and abilities. Led by Nicola participants will use mountain imagery, meditation, movement and drawing to co-produce an installation that will then feature in Hannah’s performance. The workshop will be a space of reflection, restoration and empowerment.

Open to all ages and abilities. People under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

To reserve a place please email