Igor and Moreno - Celestial Space

Sat 12 October - Sun 27 October

Edit. 05: Igor+Moreno - Limited Celestial Space

This event has passed

The Galleries will be open until 8pm before each performance on Fri 11 & Fri 18 October

Igor and Moreno are the latest artists to take up residency in the galleries as part of The Lowry’s EDIT series; giving artists and performers the space and opportunity to take risks, develop their practice and create new work.

Limited Celestial Space was commissioned for the galleries as a development of a dance performance called Andante, first performed at The Lowry as part of our Developed With The Lowry artist development programme.

‘Limited Celestial Space extends our interest in minimalism and perception, and in creating sensorially rich non-narrative choreographies.

As we prepared to extend and re-think Andante for the galleries, we became interested in how the word ‘temple’ refers to a special space, cut out or marked for observation. We imagine Limited Celestial Space to be this kind of ‘special space’, marked for a contemplative experience, but not necessarily a comfortable one.

We like to think of you as an audience in something choreographic: in which your movement and stillness are framed and shaped by the architectural environment.’

— Igor+Moreno, October 2019


Limited Celestial Space was created by Seth Rook Williams, Kasper Hansen, Sophie Bellin, Alberto Ruiz Soler, Sarah P. Maguire, Simon Ellis, Alessandro Gualtieri, Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas.


Access Information:This exhibition features a sloped floor and the use of haze.

The space is wheelchair accessible. If you have any further questions please ask the Galleries Team.