Binaural Dinner Date

Thu 28 March - Sat 30 March

Binaural Dinner Date

This event has passed

Following sold-out London performances in 2017, ZU-UK bring you interactive performance Binaural Dinner Date at The Lowry. Come and #BeTheDate

Across the table, within arm’s reach is another human being. Is this the one? How many questions need to be asked before you feel like you are getting to know each other?

With a waiter that waits and a Chef to guide you what’s the worst that could happen?


Part interactive performance, part dating agency, Binaural Dinner Date invites individuals looking for love, or existing couples who simply want a very different dating experience.

Come with your own date, or we can find one for you.

DISCLAIMER: Although every effort will be made to match you to someone else based on your preference, there is a possibility we won’t be able to offer everyone their ideal choice of date. Although rare occurrences, we can’t be responsible for ‘no shows’ and last minute cancellations.

Do not come if you are fundamentally opposed to falling in love.

ZU-UK’s shows usually sell out weeks before opening. So, book early to avoid disappointment!


Missing – a new production by ZU-UK

MISSING is the latest project by multi award winning ZU-UK.

You are the player. You are also a shadow. You have simple instructions. Your time is limited. Others can see you. You are close to your objective.

Then the objective is not what you thought it was. You are not where you thought you were. The game has changed. You can keep playing, but you can’t start again. Because you know too much now.

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