Billionaire Boy

Thu 14 February - Sun 17 February

Billionaire Boy The Musical

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Adapted by Jon Brittain
Music by Miranda Cooper and Nick Coler
Directed by Luke Sheppard
Design by Gabriella Slade

One-day factory worker Len Spud invents a new loo roll “Bum Fresh – wet on one side, dry on the other”. The wiping-wonder is an instant hit. Len, and his son Joe, become overnight billionaires, turning their lives upside down.

Whilst Mr Spud spends, spends, spends on fast cars, 100-inch TVs, and lavish gifts for his glamorous new girlfriend, Sapphire Stone, Joe is left to fend for himself.

In the unforgiving world of the school playground, things are about to get more complicated as Joe navigates an assault course of school bullies and dangerously inedible canteen food.

Can money really buy happiness?

This hilarious new musical is a triumphant treat for the whole family, based on the bestselling book by David Walliams, and presented by the NST team following their award-winning “whisker-licking treat” Fantastic Mr Fox.

‘Billionaire Boy The Musical is a SMASH HIT! Go! Go! Go!’

David Walliams

‘It’s more alive and enjoyable than any other Walliams show I’ve seen’

The Times

‘A witty musical’

Financial Times

‘Bursting with wit and silly rhymes. Super-funny’

The Stage