Tale of two cities

Tue 15 March - Wed 16 March

A Tale of Two Cities

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Tonight’s Touch Tour will now begin at 6:30pm – Thank you

If you’ve never read Dickens’ 1859 novel of revolution and excessive gestures of love, then this is the show for you. If you have read it, this might also be the show for you, depending on how well you remember it.

Dickens left a lot out of his novel, particularly when it comes to Lucie, the central female character. She was underwritten, all her psychological complexity left on the cutting room floor. This show picks up those offcuts and sticks them together, possibly in the wrong order, to rediscover the real story of this complex, troubled, funny 21st century woman.

From the creators of Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) and Juliet & Romeo, comes a re-staging of one of the bestselling novels of all time (allegedly). Part dance, part theatre, part fictionalised documentary, no-part costume drama, this is Lost Dog’s nearly unrecognisable re-imagining of a classic.


‘a triumphant theatre-dance interpretation of the Dickens classic’
‘A Tale of Two Cities by Lost Dog dance is a work that deserves to be widely seen, not only by dance audiences or Dickens fans.’

The Guardian

‘Lost Dog – led by choreographer Ben Duke – have a physical language that sits somewhere between total balletic gracefulness and the movements happening in an indie sleaze mosh pit. When not falling poetically into each other’s arms, the dancers ricochet and shake like teenagers having an existential crisis in the dark.’

The i