Tue 21 June

∞ [Infinite]

Be guided through a powerful, mystical journey with HUMANHOOD Dance Company’s visionary dance theatre meditation, ∞ [Infinite].

Julia Robert & Rudi Cole’s first production to bring together their signature choreographic movement and shamanic practice, ∞ [Infinite] merges magical dance performed on stage by the exceptional company dancers with our internal awareness to highlight the infinite power that flows to and through us.

Expect to receive energetic transmissions through words channelled by Julia Robert with movement embodied by the stunningly fluid dancers including Rudi Cole. ∞ [Infinite] opens a door and invites us to tap into the infinity we all contain within and the potential of our future becoming.

HUMANHOOD invites you to enter the spirit of ∞ [Infinite].

There will also be a post-show talk by the company.

Additional information

∞ [Infinite] Credits   

Co-produced by Mercat de les Flors

Co-commissioned by Birmingham 2022 Festival, The Lowry & Sadler’s Wells

Supported by DanceXchange, Birmingham Hippodrome & Dance City


Background information on ∞ [Infinite]

∞ [Infinite] is Julia and Rudi’s first dance theatre meditation in which they guide the audience through a mystical journey. The outside world of the magical dance on stage will merge with your internal awareness. The premise is movement and consciousness, becoming aware of the infinite power that flows to and through us, giving life to all beings.

This is the first production where they explicitly bring together their shamanic powers to fuse with their signature choreographic movement language.

Throughout the years of Julia and Rudi’s worldwide ventures into meditation, energetic channelling, yoga, plant medicine and personal development they tapped into their internal power and felt called to share a work of art that aligns with their mission to raise human consciousness. During their creative career, they strived for a link that bridged their artistic expression with their spiritual path. ∞ [Infinite] is the culmination of their personal holistic approach, sculpturing a new way to experience a dance production, in which the theatre setting becomes a sacred space conducive for internal realisations. ∞ [Infinite] opens a door through which the audience is invited to tap into the infinity we all contain within.

During this Dance Theatre Meditation you will be receiving energetic transmissions both through words and movement, channeled by Julia and Rudi and embodied by the stunningly fluid dancers. The cosmic tribe on stage was formed through an intensive time in the dance studio as well as sacred rituals in Nature, connecting beyond the physical realm. All group sessions started with a gratitude practice, tapping into the power of our open hearts.

The whole research and final production was, is and will continue to unfold as a sacred ritual of movement, light and sound, reminding us of the cosmic dance we are all a part of and the infinite potential of our future becoming.

We invite you to enter into the spirit of ∞ [Infinite]