The Dock - Week 53 2018

Week 53

The Lowry's biennial festival

100 artists, 70 performances, 12 extraordinary days.

The Lowry’s Festival for the Compulsively Curious returns in 2020. In the meantime, thank you for helping us celebrate our 18th year.

In the year that The Lowry turned 18, our festival of incredible, international work for the compulsively curious returned to challenge convention and celebrate the ‘coming of age’.

The Lowry’s foyer transformed into the physicalisation of the human nervous system through lights, electronics and ropes. Robots shared the stage with children in a zero gravity dance of rhythm and fury. Tastes of your childhood relived in the memoirs of a renowned chef and writer. We took a digital journey through the darker reaches of the subconscious mind. And we Entered a world where teenagers are in charge and a familiar urban landscape is turned on its head.

Week 53 festival revellers experienced hidden parts of The Lowry in David Shearing’s immersive late-night re-design of our backstage areas. Familiar stories were told in new and surprising ways.

Until next time…stay curious!


Thank you! We had a blast, see you in 2020.

Week 53 Trailer 2018

Flashback to 2016