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The Lowry's biennial festival

WEEK 53 supports The Lowry’s ambition to commission and present bold and brilliant contemporary art and theatre that is accessible and engaging to a broad audience.

WEEK 53 inhabits and takes over the unique stages and spaces in The Lowry for one special week every two years. Our schedules are cleared from their year-round demands and we welcome an incredible celebration of international productions that challenge convention and animate hidden or unusual parts of our iconic building.

The 2020 festival runs from Friday 24 April to Sunday 3 May. The first commission announced in the line-up is PANDORA by Le Gateau Chocolat.

More information about the line-up will be announced in January.


WEEK 53 - 2020

Le Gateau Chocolat - Pandora by Christa Holka.

WEEK 53 - 2018

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WEEK 53 - 2016