Thu 30 April

WEEK 53: Pietro Marullo – WRECK – list of extinct species

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WRECK – List of extinct species is an interdisciplinary performance mixing movement, dance, sound and visual art.

A huge black, plastic, inflatable pillow-like object moves across the stage, like a predator hunting its prey. Around it move the dancers, human figures that are swallowed and spat back out by the mysterious object.

In this surreal world the abstract object has power. Is it an allegory of undersea legendary monsters of bygone tales? Or is it a metaphor for global capitalism, our scourge on the natural world, or the human condition itself? It provokes and amplifies our imagination, asking us to impose our own interpretations.

This is the aim of this dynamic Italian choreographer. Pietro Marullo seeks to approach choreography through different lenses using different disciplines to create a new language on stage. In his performances inanimate objects can becomes vessels for movement, whilst human bodies become objects themselves. Relationships are inverted as our expectations are subverted.

WRECK – List of extinct species has been performed across the world in indoor and outdoor spaces.


Director and choreograph | PIETRO MARULLO

sound designer | JEAN-NOEL BOISSE

light designer | JULIE PETITE ETIENNE

soft sculpture and costumes | PIETRO MARULLO & BERTRAND NODET


Coproduced by Festival Internazionale Danza Oriente Occidente, MART – Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento etRovereto, Théâtre Varia de Bruxelles, La Coop asbl.

With the financial help of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – CIAS, of the Commission communautaire française, of the Wallonie-Bruxelles International , of the Tax Shelter of Fédéral Belgian Gouvernement.

Supported by RAMDAM – un centre d’art in France, CDC La Briqueterie in France, and TanzHaus of Zurich in Switzerland.