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Sat 25 April - Mon 27 April

WEEK 53: Michael Barnes-Wynters – TAKE BACK CONTROL

This event has passed

IMPA TV and K3 Media


Commissioned by The Lowry for WEEK 53

Control is Power…

Take Back Control is a seventy-two hour ‘cult transmission’ unleashing future grassroot gems as it wrestles deep into the realms of sublime mind food, nourishing provocations and era defining soundtrack, courtesy of its stream of radical whispers, soiled pictures, fuzzed-out airwaves, sparky conversations and public interventions.

Inspired by the Public Access Television networks of the 1970s and 1980s (the precursor to the user-generated digital video channels of today), Take Back Control offers a subversive vision of a digital takeover.

About Michael Barnes-Wynters

Michael is interdisciplinary artist, instigator and mischief-maker whose long-term artist collaborations, broadcast at the intersections of immersive guerilla TV transmissions, experiential film installations and provocative durational actions/ performances. His provocative arts activities and collaborations eloquently asks blunt, relevant and meaningful questions that tackle human suffrage, racism, gender exploitation, injustice, control and the hyper normalisation of humanity.

Michael has performed and exhibited internationally and has been commissioned by the likes of MoMA (NYC), Sonar (Barcelona), Tate Modern (London), FACT (Liverpool) and Hull UK City of Culture 2017.

A gesamtkunstwerk co-designed and produced by IMPAtv and K3Media in collaboration with its artist curator, Michael Barnes-Wynters.