WTF Wednesday: Tom Cassani

Wed 6 November

WTF Wednesday: Tom Cassani - I Promise You That Tonight

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I Promise You That Tonight collides showmanship, deception, almost miracles and live art.

I Promise You That Tonight has something to do with switching this box for that box, a spontaneous burst of flames, drowning in broken glass and things not being quite as they seem.

None of this is impossible but its ok to admit that it is hard. I Promise You That Tonight no one will get burnt, that no one will come to any harm.

I Promise You That Tonight I love you, I Promise I will not spoil your heart.

I Promise You That Tonight.

Tom Cassani is a Performance Artist and Liar. He is interested in how he can use elements of deception, misdirection and lying in his artistic practice. He has trained in sleight of hand, misdirection and stage magic and now uses these skills to explore truth, honesty and the importance of remaining wary of those who make extraordinary claims.


Written & performed by Tom Cassani
Dramaturg & Direction: Peader Kirk
Lighting Designer: Nigel Edwards
Stage Manager: Jen Smethurst
Image – Hugo Glendinning

A hÅb commission, Supported by Arts Council England, BE Festival and Metal Peterborough

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