Three Sound Sculptures

Wed 15 May

THREE SOUND SCULPTURES: Will Young with Damien Schneider

This event has passed

A digital sound and visual performance collaboration between a UK audio-visual artist (Will Young, last seen here collaborating with Petwo Evans) and French sound artist (Damien Schneider) resulting in an immersive and mesmerising sound sculpture experience.

These two established artists will use synthetic sound from environmental recordings to create a large immersive audio landscape live on stage. ‘Three Sound Sculptures’ splices together digital medium manipulation with film and foley recordings to create a unique audio/visual performance.

There will be a Q&A session with the artists immediately after the show.

This is a Pay a What You Decide event. Reserve your tickets, come along, see the show and decide how much you want to pay afterwards!

About The Artists

Will Young
Will Young is an interactive media artist based in the UK but frequently found in other corners of the world. He is the founder of Echo and Reflection, a home for Young’s creative collaborations between digital music and sound art.

Will’s passion is live / real time digital graphics, particularly when intersecting with audio and physical performance.

Damien Schneider
Damien Schneider is a French DJ/producer based in Bristol, UK. He is the co-founder of the record label, Onnset Records (

Damien is known for his late marathon sets full of energy. His sound is based on a subtle balance of bass-heavy drums, dissonant noises, mixed with elegant melodies and clinical sounds.

Previous works by Will Young and Damien Schneider